Fall Color Report 2: Smith River, etc.

Del Norte Misc.-AU15-109

Three weeks ago, I did my first fall color report of the season. For this report, I’ll concentrate on the Smith River area in the far northwestern corner of California. This section of the Redwood coast is dominated by evergreens, so there’s not much fall color here. Only little splashes of color amidst the dominant sea of green. Here are some samples:

Del Norte Misc.-AU15-94

Del Norte Misc.-AU15-97

Del Norte Misc.-AU15-113

Del Norte Misc.-AU15-118

Del Norte Misc.-AU15-136

Del Norte Misc.-AU15-128

Del Norte Misc.-AU15-133

I also visited Marshall Pond, adjacent to the Klamath River. Here the deciduous trees are fast losing their leaves, even before any dramatic turning of color:

Del Norte Misc.-AU15-173

And then I revisited the Klamath River. Below are two pictures, one taken on October 17, the other on November 7, three weeks later. The earlier pic benefits from warmer, evening light; the later pic was taken toward noon, in much stronger, cooler light. Even so, there doesn’t seem a huge amount of difference in terms of increasing fall color. If anything, the earlier pic, perhaps because of the warmer light, seems richer in fall color.

The October 17 shot:
Northcoast Misc. AU15-292

The November 7 shot:

Del Norte Misc.-AU15-165

I still believe peak color for this area is still a few weeks away.