Red Panda 3: Mohu

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Moho is a female red panda born on Father’s Day in 2013 at Sequoia Park Zoo. She is the first daughter of Sumo and Stella Luna. She quickly grew to be a very beautiful little red panda cub: warm, fluffy, inquisitive, expressive. She first began to venture out of her den when she was less than two and half months old:

She would often leave the den without her mother’s permission, so Stella would grab and take her back to the den:

Here’s a video on youtube of Mohu as a tiny cub venturing out of the den with her mother:

Before she was even three months old she had begun to climb:

But she was better at going up than going down. Here she is having stepped out of one of the raised dens and not daring to venture any further:

She stayed in that position for nearly five minutes. Then she clumsily turned around and climbed back into the den, nearly falling in the process.

By the time she was a little over three months old, she had began to climb more confidently:

She was still so small that obstacles which her parents climbed over with ease were still a challenge for her:

More images of Mohu during her early years:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-1354

And here’s a shot with Mohu with her mother:

Mohu had a mischievous streak, and one her favorite pastimes was to tease the deer-like muntjac that shared the exhibit with the red pandas. She would stand on her feet and jump at him. The skittish muntjac would take fright and run away. Here she is standing on her feet, ready to jump at the brown creature in the foreground:

Here’s Mohu as she entered adolescence and surged toward adulthood:

Moho was sent off to Iowa at a little under eleven months of age. Before she left, she finished one important task. She climbed the long bamboo pole near the center of the exhibit. This is quite a feat for even a red panda. And the only other red panda known to have done it is the redoubtable Sumo. By the end of her stay, Mohu had become an expert climber, and she easily pulled off the bamboo ascent. Here is she is coming down, and stopping to get her picture taking:

Here Mohu, right before leaving for Iowa, waves goodbye to her many fans and admirers:

And here’s one more image of Mohu, my personal favorite: