Canyonlands AU11-4

At Canyonlands earlier this afternoon. Very hot; too hot for a planned hike to False Kiva. Light wasn't so good either, with hardly any clouds to soften the harsh afternoon sunlight.  Canyonlands is a vastly underrated park. It's this large "island in the sky" between the Green and Colorado Rivers, with picturesque ledges dotted with gnarled trees. It’s a place I'd really like to go back to someday, preferably in the winter, when it isn’t so hot and an occasional snow dusting might add interest to the scenery.

To combat the harsh sunlight, I used a “Moose Warming” Polarizer filter. I doubt there are any shivering moose in Canyonlands, but it helped a little.

Tomorrow, the invasion of Colorado will be in full swing.

Canyonlands AU11-25