Fall Color Report: California Northcoast 1

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Unlike last year, I’ve hadn’t had a chance to explore much outside of the stretch of coast between Eureka and Crescent City. So I’ve not been able to provide any first-hand reports of the fall color in, say, Lassen Volcanic NP or around Mount Shasta. From reports I have heard, fall color came earlier this year than last year: as much as two weeks earlier in some places. It’s past peak in most places in northern California, except in some of the low elevation areas (Redding, Red Buff, Chico) or along the northcoast. One area that reached peak rather late last year was along the Klamath River near Klamath, California, near where the river pours its immense waters into the chilly Pacific waters. Last year, on Veterans day weekend, it looked like this:

This year on Veterans Day it looked like this:

This is pretty much close to peak. However, it should be noted that, at least in this scene, there exists a gradation of color. The deciduous trees in the back row, right under the evergreen forested hills, are at or past peak. The large, brushy vegetation is still greenish, and not quite at peak yet.

A week earlier, it looked like this:

And two weeks ago it looked like this:

Returning to Veteran’s day weekend, we find peak color elsewhere on the northcoast. in Stout Grove, along the Smith River, color appeared in patches among the giant redwoods: