Grand Tour of Northern Rockies

Glacier SM10-414

I have presently begun an immense odyssey to the northern Rockies. By northern I don’t mean the Canadian Rockies, but merely that portion of the Rockies that bulges forth in the northern part of the United States: that is to say, the Rockies of Montana and northern Wyoming — Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Teton National Park. All three parks will be explored and harassed in the next two weeks. Perhaps if I’m lucky a few good images may be extracted from the light bouncing around in those vicinities. Glacier National Park may be the most beautiful place in the United States, rivaled only by Yosemite and perhaps Maroon Bells in Colorado. Yellowstone presents some of the most varied landscapes, and decorates the scenery with loads of fascinating wildlife. And if there are more majestic, awe-inspiring mountains peaks than the Grand Tetons anywhere in the U.S., I haven’t heard or seen them. In late spring, the lofty peaks of these parks still wear their exalted snow mantles. Only disadvantage is that bears are out, woken from their hibernations, and are hungry. These three parks are grizzly bear enriched environments; and I’m none too fond of infesting any environment where I’m not at the absolute top of the food chain.

I’ll try to give updates about my peregrinations whenever I can; but may be too busy to do any such thing.