Sequoia Park 2: The Zoo

Sequoia Park Zoo SM13-37

In my last post, I discussed the flower garden within Sequoia Park. Now we’ll move to the zoo, which is right next to the flower garden. Founding in 1907, Sequoia Park Zoo is, oddly enough, the oldest zoo in California and one of the smallest accredited zoos in the country. It occupies a thin slice of land along W Street, with old growth redwoods as a backdrop:

Although it does not exactly contain a huge amount of animals, there are plenty of critters to see. The favorite critter on site may be the red pandas:

There’s a muntjac:



Cottontop Tamarins:

Crested Screamers:

Bush Dogs:

Nicobar Pigeons:

White-Handed Gibbons:


Golden Pheasant:

Patagonian Cavies:




And even a Turkey:

And many more. Check here for more information on Sequoia Park Zoo.