Colorado Plateau Photo Odyssey 4: Bryce Canyon via Fisheye Lens

Bryce Canyon SP13-155

As I wrote in an earlier post, fisheye lenses can be fun for landscapes, if you’re willing to deal with the wide distortion they present. And so during my evening at Bryce Canyon, I snapped my fisheye zoom on my DSLR and took the camera into the bowels of Bryce Canyon. First, I tried to photograph the Natural Bridge with the lens:

The lens presents such a wide field of view that I ended up catching my own shadow in it. This shot was taken at 13mm, which does not provide the full fisheye effect, so the distortion is not immediately. The next shot, of Swamp Canyon, presents the distortion in spades:

This fisheyes have trouble in landscapes: you need to keep them away from trees!

I had better luck within Bryce Canyon, on the Navajo Loop Trail. Yes, there’s distortion in these shots: it’s quite obvious. But it kind of works. Maybe. Consider the following wide-angle shot with a rectilinear lens:

Now consider the fisheye version:

And here are other examples, some at least interesting, some less so: