Arches National Park

Arches AU11-87

Just finished photographing Arches National Park. Quite a bit a change from my usual seascapes and mountain lakes. Red, orange, yellow-orange, red-orange landscape, dotted with unusual formations. Yesterday evening trekked out (with scores of other photographers) to Delicate Arch. The heat zapped my strength and I didn’t get there until after the sun set, but I still was able to photograph the arch under the glow of the dusk:

The hike to Delicate Arch in about a mile and a half and 400 feet of elevation. But in the heat it can be difficult, at least for someone used to a climate where it rarely gets over 65ª.

Next mornings I (along with a dozen or so photographers) did the Windows section, grabbing the famous shot in which one shoots one window through another:

By 9:00 the sun was too bright to effectively shoot the desert landscape: