Favorite Photos of 2019

Here are my favorite images from photos taken in 2019:

Merely out of curiousity, I did a tabulation of which lenses were used in producing the preceding images—a sort of way of calculating what lenses produced the best images and therefore are worth whatever they may have cost. Here's a list of lenses used and how many images they contributed:

Pentax DFA 15-30: 16 images.
Pentax DFA 28-105: 13 images.
Pentax FA 43 Ltd: 6 images.
Pentax FA-J 75-300: 5 images.
Pentax DA* 300: 4 images.
Pentax F 17-28 FE: 4 images.
Pentax DA 55-300 PLM: 3 images.
Pentax M 20/4: 3 images.
Pentax FA 20-35: 2 images.
Pentax F 85/2.8 Soft: 2 images.

The following lens contributed one image: Pentax DFA 100 Macro, Pentax A 50/2.8 Macro, Pentax DA 16-85, Tamron 70-200, Olympus m.Zukio 17/1.8.