St. Mary Lake

Glacier SP12-338

St. Mary Lake is a large, narrow body of water (about nine miles in length) that stretches out on the east side of Glacier National Park. Going-to-the-Sun Road begins its long perilous journey toward Logan’s pass along this stunning lake. Steep, towering mountains flank the lake’s sides; and creeks graced with gushing waterfalls gurgle into the lake’s waters. The area around St. Mary Lake constitutes some of the most spectacular scenery in North America:

The most famous spot, photographically speaking, along St. Mary Lake, is Wild Goose Island overlook (see the intro image above). In September of 2010, I found more than a dozen photographers attempting to find a spot from the overlook to take the iconic image. At the time, I was able to capture the following:

Glacier SM10-721

This last week, in late May 2012, I captured not merely the intro pic (to this blog post), but the photos below. This time, I had no company at all; I was the sole photographer both mornings I shot at the overlook:

And from another overlook on the other side of the island:

St. Mary Lake eventually turns into a river, which begins its long, tortuous journey to Hudson Bay near the eastern end of Going-to-the-Sun Road:

Before beginning its journey toward Arctic-cold waters, it spends a bit of time in lower St. Mary Lake, just outside Glacier National Park: