Sequoia Park 3: Forest and Pond

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In my last post, I discussed Sequoia Park Zoo, which resides on the eastern edge of the park. But the bulk of the park takes up a track of old growth redwood, which includes some trails and a duck pond. First, let’s look at the pond:

Nice trees with lots of green leaves, but the water itself is on the brackish side — not terribly photogenic. Not far from the pond is outdoor chimney of sorts. Not sure what it’s doing there and doubt it’s been used in a long time:

There are many trails weaving through the redwoods, some paved, some not:

There’s even a trail to a meadowish area:

But it’s the trees that dominate the park. Most, but not all, are redwood. Here’s a non-redwood:

And a mixed forest shot:

But it’s the redwoods that clearly dominate: