Summer Evening & Morning at Diamond & Crater Lakes

Crater Lake SM15-489

The final throes of my weekend trip to Crater Lake involved an evening at Diamond Lake and the following morning at Discovery Point and along the Rogue River.

First, evening at Diamond Lake. This large body of water exists just north of Crater Lake, in it’s own valley of sorts. It’s a nice place for camping. Broken Arrow Campground, on the south side of the lake, is closer, in terms of driving time, to the Crater Lake rim, than Mazama Campground in Crater Lake National Park.

Here are some shots from the south end of the lake:

The following morning I was at Discovery Point for the sunrise. The skies were cloudy, but to the east there was enough of a crack in the sky for the newly minted sun to shine through:

The sun, however, soon disappeared behind the clouds:

I went next to the Rogue River. Here’s a shot from right above Rogue Gorge:

And a shot of Rogue Gorge:

And a shot of Mill Creek Falls, further south along the Rogue River, near Prospect:

And nearby Barr Creek Falls: