Lassen in Infrared

Lassen Infrared SM13 B+W-51

Lassen can prove a fertile ground for doing infrared photography, thanks to the unusual landscape combined with mountain foliage. The biggest challenge may be the lack of clouds in the summer. Luckily, I got plenty of clouds to work with after my first day there. On the first day in the Butte Lake, no clouds at all to work with. This led to dark skies, dark water:

Cloudless skies worked better later that afternoon at Cindercone:

And in black and white:

The next two days we had plenty of clouds, which paid dividends at Hat Lake:

And Hat Creek:

And on HWY 89 through Lassen:

And Reflection Lake:

Chaos Crags, however, was virtually cloudless when I finally got a chance to photograph it:

Black and white infrared worked as well as color: