The Fisherman at Sunset

Eureka AU11-68

At the Woodley Island Marina there is landmark statue known as “The Fisherman.” This statue can be fun to photograph, especially during and after a spectacular sunset. So when it looked there existed at least the potential for first-rate sunset, I dashed down to Woodley Island and took some snaps. The statue is twenty feet or so off from the sidewalk area where it can be viewed. There are signs warning one not to jump over the little wooden fence separating us from the statue, and a security guard on duty to enforce the sign. Hence the need for some focal length in one’s lens. I don’t have much in the way of zoom lenses in the short tele range beyond an old 35-105mm lens from the eighties. It’s a good but not a great lens, lacking the resolution of primes or the more recent high end zooms. But it’s provides a perfect range for capturing the statue. I used it the last time I photographed the statue a year ago last March:

The statue is lit, which is quite convenient in one sense, but does provide some color challenges, as the lighting for the statue has a completely different color temperature than the surrounding environment. The statue light is warm while the fading light around it is cold. So any dreams of getting completely accurate color are out the window. But that’s okay. The inaccurate colors might prove even more enticing.

When the sun is still in the sky, it is too bright to photograph the statue:

Hence, we have to wait for the sky darken just the right about so we can get the right balance between the statue and its background. Then we start getting something more usable, particularly when we play around with the white balance:

We can also go for a cooler look by switching the background away from the sunset:

But the sky is probably still a little too bright, so we wait even longer, so we can get shots like this:

And this: