Favorite Landscapes and Scenic Photos of 2015

DA 35 Macro Test WI15-93

Here are some of my favorite landscape and scenic photos taken in 2015:

Woodley Island Marina SP15-9

Woodley Island Marina AU15-1



Trinidad SP15-9

Trinidad AU15-102

South Humboldt Misc. AU15-25

South Humboldt Evening SM15-60

South Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge AU15-89

South Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge AU15-30

Silver Falls SP SM15-174

Silver Falls SP SM15-98

Silver Falls SP SM15-41

Redwoods SP15-133

Oregon Caves SM15-70

Northcoast Misc. AU15-384

North Spit AU15-236

Mount Rainier SM15-194

Mount Rainier SM15-87

Mount Rainier SM15-20

Mount Rainier SM15-17

LIttle River Evening AU15-26

Lassen SP15-519

Lassen SP15-494

Lassen SP15-208

Lassen SP15-48

Humboldt Redwoods AU15-267

Humboldt Redwoods AU15-240

Humboldt Bay WI14-330

Humboldt Bay WI14-71

Humboldt Bay Sunset AU15-18

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-115

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-63

Humboldt Bay Evening AU15-400

Humboldt Bay Evening AU15-379

Humboldt Bay Evening AU15-263

Humboldt Bay Evening AU15-133

Fourth of July SM15-697

Eureka Boardwalk SM15-71

Eureka Boardwalk SM15-32

Dunes AU15-175

Dunes AU15-100

Del Norte PIer Evening AU15-75

DA21 Test SM15-57

Crater Lake SP15-439

Crater Lake SP15-329

Crater Lake SP15-228

Crater Lake SP15-212

Crater Lake SM15-109

Crater Lake SM15-25

Boardwalk Carnival SM15-20-Edit

Bald Hill SM15-155

Arcata Bay Sunrise AU15-22

Blooms SM15-54

Blooms SM15-3

Misc. Images 14&15-109