Glacier National Park 5: Lake McDonald Valley

Lake McDonald is the largest lake in Glacier National Park. It spreads its waters out on the west side of the park. The creek that feeds the lake leads one up into a narrow valley which contains many points of interest on its own.

On one of the days I was at Glacier in July 2018 I ran across a traffic jam and caught a glimpse of the following:

I’m not sure how the drive managed to pull this off. In July, traffic on Going-to-the-sun-road is on the thick side and it’s impossible to pick up the sort of speed one would imagine is required to flip a car.

When you first enter Glacier National Park, you come across Lake McDonald. Here are some images from the lake:

The edge of parts of the lake is decorated by colorful little rocks:

From Lake McDonald you can proceed to Avalanche Gorge, which features a gorge and a cedar forest:

As you proceed up Going-to-the-sun road, McDonald Valley narrows into a canyon, carved by the creek:

And there are more colorful rocks: