Humboldt Bay 4: Del Norte Pier to Eureka Public Marina

Eureka AU12-577

As you move further north from the mouth of the Elk River along the shore of Humboldt Bay you pass some abandoned buildings and railroad tracks in back of the local mall. This stretch of Humboldt Bay is narrow. The other side of the bay is a quick kayaking jaunt away:

Just passed the mall is a marsh, which serves as a buffer between the bay and Eureka’s garbage dump — a favorite haunt of the bay’s seagulls. The marsh itself is really nothing much:

Just north of the pier is one of the highlight sections of Humboldt Bay: the Del Norte Pier. Here we find not only a pier, but the remains of what once a thriving seaport, with pylons from the old docks, where rail cars of some sort use to run, the rusty tracks still visible in some cases. Across the bay is the Samoa pulp mill, no longer running, though not quite abandoned:

Driving further north, we come across another set of ruins from the glory days of Humboldt Bay: a wide expanse of pylons rising from bay and serving as a foreground to the pulp mill directly across the channel:

Just to the north of these sets of ruins is Eureka Public Marina, a small place where people can be their boats for traversing the dangerous seas on the northcoast of California:

The marina tends to be closed before sunset, so trying to shoot the setting sun among a forest of masts can be tricky.