Fall Color Report 3: Misc. California Northcoast

Avenue of the Giants AU16-15

Just a brief update. Right now, along the northcoast of California, some trees are at peak color, some are past, and some aren’t quite there yet. It depends on the tree.

Here are three trees in Elk River valley, which look to be a bit past peak:

Morning Light AU16-2

Here is a tree outside of Fortuna which seems quite close to being at peak:

Fall Color Tree AU16-2

Trees along Avenue of Giants, which is further inland, are mostly not quite at peak:

Avenue of the Giants AU16-3

As you move further inland along Avenue of the Giants, the trees seem more resistant to turning:

The trees along the Klamath River, near the mouth of the Klamath, are, per usual, taking their time to turn. Some progress, however, has been made. Compare these two shots, the latter from earlier this weekend, the former from two weeks earlier:

Northwest Coast SM16-151

Northcoat Misc. AU16-6

And another Klamath shot from last weekend: