Two Medicine

Glacier SP12-896

The Two Medicine section of Glacier NP is found in the south-east section of the park, near East Glacier. It features the highest elevation lake that you can drive to in Glacier, namely, Two Medicine Lake. It is sometimes overlooked by visitors in the park, who prefer Going-to-the-Sun road and Many Glacier. Yet it is as scenic as anyplace in the park, and well worth a morning or two.

I have photographed Two Medicine at sunrise on three separate occasions. The first two times were in September, 2010. It was cold and very windy at the lake. At sunrise, a brief sliver of sunshine shot beneath the clouds and lighted up portions of the peaks that grace Two Medicine Lake. My third morning at the lake proved considerably more propitious. The wind was not so fierce, and while there were plenty of clouds to decorate the peaks, they did not get in the way of the rising eastward sun, which poured delicious rays of light and color upon the Two Medicine scene:

What is convenient about Two Medicine is you can drive almost right up to the lake and park. There is a walkway to a dock (for boat tours in the summer) and even a bench to sit on and enjoy the spectacle:

There’s also a general store to the right of the parking lot.

Two Medicine Lake is dominated by Mount Sinopah, which rises to 8,271 feet, about 3,000 feet higher than the lake.

There is also an upper and lower Two Medicine lakes. The lower lake was created by a dam and is also quite scenic. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find a good place to photograph it, as much of the shore is inaccessible and the lake is surrounded by thick brush and trees:

What I find perhaps most memorable about my three mornings at Two Medicine was the fact that I was the only one there. Yes, there were people at a nearby campground, and there are some private residences (for park employees) on the lake itself; but I was the only one out and about trying to photograph the stunning scenery. If you’re ever at Glacier National Park, don’t miss the sunrise at Two Medicine. Few spectacles are more splendid.