Glacier National Park 6: Two Medicine

Glacier SM14-701

The Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park, situated on the south-eastern section of the park, tends to be less crowded than Many Glacier or the parts of Glacier adjacent to Going-to-the-Sun Road:

To get to Two Medicine from St. Mary, you drive south on Route 89 and then make a right on Route 49, which is a windy road that takes you up the side of a mountain looking down on Two Medicine:

You turn right on the road into Two Medicine, and drive along Lower Two Medicine Lake, a body of water created by a dam. After passing this lower lake, you turn and reach the parking lot for Running Eagle Falls, which is created by Two Medicine River:

From the parking lot for the waterfall, you ascend up to Two Medicine Lake, a mile or so away. Two Medicine is often a windy place — as is much of the east side of Glacier. But on when arrived on that September morning a little after nine, the waters of Two Medicine Lake were still, and they reflected Mount Sinopah, rising nearly 3,000 feet above the lake:

Later in morning the wind picked up, and conditions returned to “normal.”