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Angel Lake SP12-24

On the way back to California from the Grand Tetons I stopped at Angel Lake, just outside Wells, Nevada. It had snowed the night before, and although it was clear in the morning, it was very cold. With the dusting snow, it looked somewhat different than the last time I visited in the previous September. The first tenuous rays of morning sunshine cast a gold hue on the snow:

As the sun rose, the warm tint was replaced by a whiter light:

The fresh snow left by the previous night’s snowstorm was very dry and powdery. It decorated the rim around the lake and clung to trails and foliage:

The weather was brutally cold: perhaps as low as 20º. Icicles formed around branches and other exposed objects:

Angel Lake is nestled in a glacial cirque in the East Humboldt Mountains, which rise above the modest town of Wells, Nevada:

The East Humboldt Mountains are the snowcapped range in the distance. Here is a closer view: