Luffenholtz County Park

Luffenholz WI11-245

Luffenholtz Beach County Park is a stretch of coastline facing the Trinidad head in northern California. It’s a terrific place for photography, featuring all kinds of dramatic rocks and sea-stacks, mixed with the pounding Pacific Ocean surf:


The map below shows how to get there. North of McKinleyville, take the Westhaven Drive exit, turn left, then a second left on Scenic Drive:

There’s not a huge amount of parking along Scenic Drive, much of which is falling into the sea. There is a bit of parking along with an outhouse just south of the beach; but access to the beach is further north, along Luffenholtz Creek, just a few stone throws from the Trinima Road turnoff.

The beach is a great place for long exposure photography and/or sunsets: