Fall Color Report: Klamath & Redwood NP 1

Klamath AU12-100

Fall color is just passed the peak stage along the Klamath River in Redwood National Park on the last weekend of November. In Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, there are splashes of color among the redwoods. Elsewhere, some trees are entirely barren, others are still green, and others are at or passed peak color. The northcoast of California is not a great place for fall color, as it is dominated by evergreen trees and the deciduous trees that exist in patches here or there tend not to present particularly fine displays of color when the time comes to shed their leaves. The best area for fall color on the northcoast is probably along the Klamath river, between the hamlet of Klamath and where the river pours into the ocean. Here is closeup of one of the better trees in the area:

Along the north bank there exists a sort of strata of trees: several rows of deciduous trees near the river and then further up evergreens. The deciduous trees near the middle, the ones bordering the top strata of evergreens, tend to be the one’s displaying the most intense color:

In an earlier post I wrote about fall color at Marshall Pond, which is adjacent to the might Klamath River. Fall color here has improved slightly over a month, although many trees have dropped leaves despite not having reached peak color:

With more rain coming, it’s not likely that the color here will improve, but rather by next weekend we’ll find fewer deciduous trees sporting leaves, regardless of color.