Winter Wonderland at Berry Summit

Berry Summit WI15-53

It rarely, if ever, snows along coastal Humboldt County — not at sea level, in any case. The nearest snow that we get that is readily accessible by car is at Berry Summit, along Highway 299. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Eureka. It’s only 2,800 feet in elevation, so it doesn’t snow there all that often. But if we get a big, cold, winter storm, you can get a foot or more snow at the summit and in the nearby hills, transforming the landscape into a winter wonderland. On Christmas Eve, 2015, a cold storm passed through dropping over a foot of snow at Berry Summit. The next day, on Christmas, I took a brief tour of the road to Berry Summit, and spent 40 minutes or so at the summit itself. The first image below is taken from below Berry Summit, in the Redwood Creek ravine. The rest of the images are from the summit itself.

Berry Summit Pano WI15

Berry Summit WI15-49

Berry Summit WI15-44

Berry Summit WI15-52

Berry Summit WI15-43

Berry Summit WI15-22

Berry Summit WI15-2

Berry Summit WI15-4

Berry Summit WI15-6

Berry Summit WI15-10

Berry Summit WI15-13

Berry Summit WI15-16

Berry Summit WI15-18

Berry Summit WI15-20

Berry Summit WI15-28