Snow at Canyonlands, Colorado NM


This week has seen a bit of snow fall in the desert: that is, the high deserts of Utah and western Colorado. If the webcams at Canyonlands and Colorado National Monument are anything to go by, it was decent amount of snow, at least for the desert, which doesn’t see much precipitation of any sort, let alone snow. The following is Canyonlands on Monday morning:

Not bad at all. It must have been beautiful when the sun broke through the clouds and lit up the dry, powdery snow. In western Colorado, right outside Fruita, Colorado National Monument also treated to a bit of snow:

And later that afternoon, when the clouds begin to break apart:

I haven’t had the opportunity either Canyonlands or Colorado National Monument all that well. I spent an afternoon in late September one year driving around the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands. Hardly any clouds and the bright desert sunshine limited the opportunity for taking compelling photos:

I spent a couple of hours the following morning at Colorado National Monument and, not knowing the area well, could at best just grab a few snaps from the road: