Del Norte Pier

Del Norte Pier SP16-25

Del Norte Pier used to be one of the more attractive places south of the Eureka Boardwalk to view Humboldt Bay from Eureka. In the last few months homeless individuals have been allowed to set up camp in the parking lot nearby the pier, thus rendering the place unsafe for normal people. However, before the place was overrun by the vagrant hordes, it was surprisingly scenic area perfect for grabbing a few shots at sunset. It was easily accessible simply by turning on Del Norte from Broadway (i.e., HWY 101) and driving toward the bay.

Here’s a satellite of the area:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.17.40 PM

The parking lot near the right center edge of the image is where the homeless have set up their tents and formed a village of sorts.

Here are some images, all from the last few months, taken from of the pier or from the pier or from the surrounding area:

Del Norte Pier SP16-1

Del Norte Pier SP16-2

Del Norte Pier SP16-4

Del Norte Pier SP16-54

Del Norte Pier SP16-23

Eureka SP16-11

Eureka SP16-19

Humboldt Bay SP16-87

Humboldt Bay SP16-89

Humboldt Bay SP16-101

Humboldt Bay SP16-105

Humboldt Bay SP16-132

Humboldt Bay SP16-135

Humboldt Bay SP16-148

Humboldt Bay SP16-185

Humboldt Bay SP16-189

Humboldt Bay SP16-211

Del Norte Pier Evening SP16-34

Del Norte Evening SP16-212