Among the Dunes

Humboldt Spit SP14-22

California’s northcoast has it’s own sections of dunes, just as Oregon. The dunes along California coast aren’t as extensive and widespread as Oregon’s dunes; but in a pinch, the California dunes will do. There are several instances of dunes along the north “spit” of Humboldt Bay, among them the so-called Ma-le'l Dunes, shown here in a special map:

The dunes are challenging to photograph, because they are covered with vegetation, people and dog tracks, and souvenirs of canine gastronomic adventures. The weather is rarely all that cooperative on the coast, alternating, per usual, between bright but hazy sunshine and complete overcast and fog. But once in a while the light turns for the better, and then it’s possible to find scenic bits and pieces of the dunes: