"Storm of the Century"

Big Storm Aftermath AU14-6

Here on the northcoast of California, we were supposed to be visited, or rather assaulted, by the “storm of the century,” in which we would be, if not blown to bits by gale force winds, then drowned and washed to sea. But it didn’t quite happen. What started as so promising a catastrophe ended in a humiliating whimper. Within the first hour that the storm hit, we got a good ten, fifteens of real old school drenching, just as your Grandpa, or perhaps Noah himself, got back in the day. Then it let up to normal boring-as-hell moderate drenching. And those 50 mph plus winds they promised? We got nothing of the sort. Just a bit breezy at times, but not so very worse than we routinely those springtime sea breezes. All in all, a tremendous disappointment, if not otherwise!

After the first episode passed through Wednesday afternoon, we even got a hint of a sunset, as the clouds thinned enough to let some light through:

By Friday, pretty much the last of the storm had traipsed on through, leaving a few swollen rivers, some dramatic clouds, the occasional rainbow, and a “farewell storm” sunset: