Bush Dogs Pretend to be Sea Otters

Sequoia Park Zoo SM14-365

The bush dogs at Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, CA, jealous of all the attention the otters were receiving in the new Watershed Heroes Exhibit, decided to put on a bit of a show of their own, doing their best imitation of sea otters. They swam and splashed and even dove in the little pool in their own exhibit. One of the bush dogs commenced the activity by testing the water, to see how cold it might be. Instead of sticking a toe (or paw) in the water, the dog stuck in his head:

They were especially curious about a black canister floating in the water. But that was just a convenient pretext. What they really wanted to do was pretend they were sea otters:

When they were done, they came out of the water, dripping wet:

But that’s nothing a good shake can’t cure!