Lassen in Spring 1: Manzanita Lake

Lassen SP15-12

Spring is one of the best times to visit Lassen Volcanic National Park, because there’s still snow on Mount Lassen and in the high country, and there’s a greater chance that the sky will be decorated with clouds. Photography in Lassen NP in the summer can be challenging because of all the sun. Lassen is east of Redding, the second sunniest city in America. And while Lassen is not nearly as sunny as Redding, it is clearly sunniest section of the Cascades, particularly in the hot summer months. Full cloudless sunshine doesn’t provide the best light for landscapes. With the presence clouds, the light improves and the Lassen landscape becomes a much better subject for photography.

Manzanita Lake may provide the most famous vista in the park. The lake reflects Mount Lassen and Chaos Crags, which rise to the East. It’s best photographed in the evening. Here is a selection of shots:

Lassen SP15-48