Afternoon Jaunt from Rio Dell to Table Bluff

Northcoast Misc. WI13-1428

A couple weeks ago, I went on a bit of jaunt, driving first to Rio Dell, CA, on the Eel River: then along the Eel River toward Ferndale; then to Ferndale and Fernbridge; and then on to Table Bluff, overlooking the south end of Humboldt Bay. From Rio Dell, the journey looked like this:

I began taking pictures at the Eagle Prairie Bridge, which spans the Eel River. We had gotten a bit of rain the Eel River was swollen with muddy water. Here’s a picture of Eel from the bridge looking southwest:

And here’s a picture looking the other way, toward Hwy 101:

And more bridge pictures:

Next I went down to the shore of the river to explore the Scotia Bluffs. It can be a little tricky to find the road to the shore. Simply drive over the bridge and turn right on Edwards Drive. Take the road as far as you dare (it will turn into a gravel road that will take you all the way to the river). The bluffs are a “formation of fossiliferous upper Pliocene marine sandstone” that rises above the east side of the Eel River:

From there I took off towards Ferndale, using a different route: Blue Side Road, which keeps you to the south and west of the Eel River. There is one “overlook” of sorts that gives you a view from above the Eel River looking southeast:

In Ferndale I took a few snaps of couple of churches:

Then I ventured toward Table Bluff, making a brief stop at Fernbridge to get a high river shot:

Then on to Table Bluff! Here we get nice view of Humboldt Bay from the south:

As I was shooting, a rainbow began to form over Eureka to the north:

A final glimpse at the Pacific Ocean and it was time to go home: