Grand Canyon 2: Morning

Grand Canyon WI15 -176

Morning can be a special time at the Grand Canyon, especially the half hour before sunrise. The canyon doesn’t always handle strong light all that well, but before sunrise, the dawn light can make the canyon pass through various colors before the sun begins to spread into its many gullies and crevices. In the middle of February, I headed out early one morning for Yaki Point. You can’t drive a car to the point, so the only way to see the sunrise from this location is to grab the first shuttle from the Visitor Center. I arrived at the point about fifteen minutes before sunrise. Here are some shots from sunrise at Yaki Point:

From Yaki Point I returned to the Visitor Center and took a few shots of the canyon from around Mather Point:

From the Visitor Center I headed for East Rim Drive. I needed to get to Bryce Canyon by the afternoon, and since you can’t drive across the canyon, I had no choice but to drive around it. The East Rim Drive travels along the rim of the canyon until you leave the park:

The light was getting steadily worse, but here, in any case, is a pic from a turnout along East Rim Drive:

The last stop before leaving park is Desert View, along with it’s famous watchtower. Here are some images of the tower and a couple more views of the canyon: