Pumpkin Heads at the Zoo

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-858

At the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, CA, animals were given a chance to celebrate Halloween by having the opportunity to eat treats inside carved out pumpkins. The first animals given the treats were in the barnyard. These critters were only mildly interested, however, in the treats. Consider the following goat:

He’s willing to give it a cursory sniff, but there’s no way he’s sticking his nose in that pumpkin. Well beneath his dignity. Some of the other barnyard critters were not so squeamish:

The pig went at it with real gusto:

Sumo the red panda also went at it with gusto, which resulted in a bit of a misadventure. He began by giving the pumpkin a thorough examination:

His favorite treat, cut up apples, lay at the bottom of the pumpkin. What was he to do? Go after the goodies, of course!

One problem soon became apparent. While it was easy enough to stick one’s head into the pumpkin, getting out of the pumpkin was another matter altogether:

Finally, he used gravity to pull it off, pushing pumpkin off the swing and letting the weight of gourd allow him to get his head removed from said item.

Despite the close call, Sumo was up for another pumpkin adventure moments later:

The Indian Muntjac also got into the act, with Sumo bearing witness: