Fall Color Report 1: Humboldt Coast

Sequoia Park SM16-396

Fall color has appeared in late summer here on the northcoast, at least in those areas close to the ocean, such as around Eureka, Humboldt Bay, and Ferndale. Perhaps because of the cool weather (which confuses the trees), fall color along the seaboard can begin in August. Of course, there’s not a lot of great trees for fall color in the area. But whatever deciduous trees, great or not, may exist near the coast are presently turning. Some are already past peak.

Consider the handful of deciduous trees at Sequoia Park in Eureka:

Blooms SM16-1111

Blooms SM16-1110

Blooms SM16-1079

Blooms SM16-1088
Blooms SM16-1125

Blooms SM16-1084

Or this tree at the South Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge:
Sequoia Park SM16-519

Or this tree in Ferndale:

Sequoia Park SM16-491