Live by the Bite, Die by the Bite

Macro SP11-119

Warning: the following may contain disturbing images, inducive of both nightmares and serious bouts of arachnephobia.

There was once a little white spider who took up residence within the confines of a calla lily, and had a grand time of it. A beautiful and commodious residence was this lily for our spider. He had plenty of room to get out and stretch his legs:

Yet even though he enjoyed enough room for a nice walk, the lily still provided plenty of shelter from the elements::

But our spider harbored, within the depths of his heart, evil, sanguinary intents. When an unsuspecting bee flew into the lily, our spider pounced upon and promptly murdered the unsuspecting mini-invertebrate, committing first-degree insecticide. Worse, he proceeded to dine upon his victim:

Not long after, our spider soon found himself, not feasting on another insect, but having been transformed into the main course for another insect. A black spider visited the lily and turned the little wide spider into a feast. Thus did our spider go from being the eater to being the eaten: