Many Glacier

Glacier SP12-372

Many Glacier is in the northeast section of Glacier National Park. It’s notable for it lakes, its superb (but bear infested) hiking trails, and its odd shaped mountains. A road leads from Babb, Montana 12 miles into Glacier National Park. There is a campground, a motel, some cabins, and Many Glacier Lodge, probably the most famous lodge in the park. As is true with all the accessible lakes on the east side of Glacier NP, Many Glacier is best photographed at sunrise, when the newly minted rays of the rising sun caress the mountains that rise above Swiftcurrent Lake:

Glacier SP12-445

And a closer view:

Also impressive in the early morning hours is the sunrise above Swiftcurrent Creek:

In the spring, Many Glacier can be difficult to photograph. Much of the east and south sides of Swiftcurrent Lake are closed due to rehabilitation work on Many Glacier Lodge. Back country trails are covered in snow and infested by bears. And there are hardly any services available until the last week or two of spring. Yet Many Glacier can be exquisitely beautiful in the spring, when there is a great deal more snow decorating its peaks.

The long entrance road into Many Glacier travels by Shelburne Lake, which is formed by a dam. However the lake may be derived, it is undeniably scenic: