Stella gives birth to baby red panda

Sequoia Park Zoo SP13-326

Stella Luna, the female Red Panda at the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, gave birth to a little female Red Panda cub last Sunday. The day before I had stopped by the Red Panda exhibit to pay Stella and her male consort, Sumo, a visit. Stella came out briefly to look for some bamboo to eat. She climbed up on some of the branches in her clumsy way, looking for a few uneaten leaves on some bamboo shoots that had been largely stripped clean. Not finding much of anything by way of bamboo leaves, she made due with some kibble. Then, after a bit more climbing and flea-scratching, she disappeared into her little hut. Here are some snaps I got of Stella, the day before she gave birth to her daughter: