Farewell to Mohu

Sequoia Park Zoo WI13-509

Mohu is gone from the Sequoia Park Zoo. She has been “exiled” to Iowa. Indeed, “exiled” is the only term to describe going to Iowa, whether voluntarily or no. Nonetheless, Mohu had to go. She would not be welcome by the other pandas in the exhibit (namely, her parents, Sumo and Stella) for much longer. Red pandas are not overly fond of one another. Sumo will tolerate Stella because she is a female. But once grown up, neither Stella or Sumo would have much use for Mohu. And so towards the end Sumo could be a bit rough on Mohu. He would chase her around the exhibit, even into the little huts and play rough with her, rougher than she liked. Mohu will be better off in Iowa, as counter-intuitive as that might seem, where she will share an exhibit with another young female.

Here’s a sampling of some images of Mohu, who made excellent subject. She was fond of the camera and liked to ham it up when called upon.

And here Mohu waves goodbye to her legion of fans: