Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls SP SM15-9

Silver Falls State Park is about a thirty minute drive from Salem, Oregon. The park, situated in the foothills of the Cascades, is known for it’s waterfalls and fall color in early to mid autumn. I visited the park over Labor Day Weekend, spending the better part of an evening there. I only had time to visit two of the waterfalls: South Falls and North Falls. Each of these waterfalls, the two most famous in the park is fairly easy to reach from their respective parking lots. Be advised, however, that the parking lot for North Falls is much smaller than the South Falls parking lot, and often fills up during the middle of the day on weekends. Another curious feature of each of these waterfalls is that they provide trails that go behind the waterfall.

Here’s some images, first of South Falls:

Silver Falls SP SM15-41

And from North Falls:

Silver Falls SP SM15-98

At the southern entrance to the park, there exists on overlook facing west. This is a good spot to view the sunset:

Silver Falls SP SM15-174