Glacier National Park 10: Avalanche Gorge

Glacier SM14-1385

Before you reach Lake McDonald, when moving west on Going-to-the-Sun-Road, you pass over Avalanche Creek. You can’t miss it, as there will be a sign, parking places, and, in the summer, crowds of people:

Up Avalanche Creek, about a third of a mile or so, is Avalanche Gorge. One way to get to the creek is to take the Trail of the Cedars, which traverse a modest cedar forest. Don’t expect to be blown away by these trees. This isn’t a redwood or a sequoia forest. Nor is it even the lushest aggregation of trees in Glacier. But in a pinch, it will do:

The gorge itself is the main highlight around here, but it can be difficult to photograph. I visited it in September, when the water is a bit on the low side. May or June is probably the best time to see the gorge. Just don’t fall in! There have been people who have fallen in and have never been seen of again, dead or alive. Here are a couple of shots of the gorge in September: