Late Afternoon at the Zoo

Sequoia Park Zoo SM15-350

Sometimes the best time to go to Sequoia Park Zoo is in the late afternoon—say, around 3:30 to closing time at 5:00. The Red Pandas are often out and the otters are getting ready the final lap of their day. Here are some images collected in a late afternoon visit. Let’s start with red pandas. Here’s an image of Masala taking a stroll:

And Masala at the window, wondering why she can’t get out:

Sequoia Park Zoo SM15-298

And here’s Cini wondering what kind of mischief she can get into:

Cini climbing:

Cini staring intently:

Cini staring at her father, Sumo:

Cini confronting her father:

Cini ended up backing down and running away. You don’t want to mess with the Sumo.

Here’s the muntjac indulging in a snack:

And now for some otters:

Sequoia Park Zoo SM15-433

And the otters swimming in their tank:

Sequoia Park Zoo SM15-416