Quick Pass through Sedona

Sedona WI15-22

Sedona is the second most popular tourist destination in Arizona, right behind the Grand Canyon, which in some ways is unfortunate, as it’s not a particularly large area and it easily fills up. There are three main routes into Sedona. From the Phoenix area, take Interstate 17 north to Route 179; or from Flagstaff, take Route 89A south; or from Prescott, take Route 89A east:

From which ever direction you arrive, don’t expect to find any parking if you show up after ten in the morning. I did a quick pass through, driving from the Phoenix area on the way to the Grand Canyon, on a weekday in the middle of February. Since there was no where to park, it was difficult to take any pictures — which was fine as the light was bad. However, I did stop at the “Chapel of the Holy Cross,” where I had to wait over half an hour to get parking. I grabbed a few shots from that site, some while waiting in the car to get a parking spot:

Once I parked I could go up and get a few snaps of the chapel, along with the assorted fauna (mainly sight-seeing featherless bipeds):

A couple of more miscellaneous shots of Sedona, taken from the car:

I drove up Oak Canyon until I reached the top of the ridge. There I found a “Vista Point” with plenty of parking. Not really all that scenic, but at least I could get out of the car and walk around. Here are a few shots from the Vista Point: