Favorite Photos of 2020

Death Valley WI19-141

Here are my favorite images from an unusual, at times even challenging, year:

Eureka Misc. WI19-24-Edit

KP Surf Attacks WI19-20-Edit

Patrick's Point High Surf WI19-9

North Spit Sunset WI19-3

Storm Weather Adventures WI19-10

Hummer WI19-7

Del Norte Pier Sunset WI19-8

Del Norte Pier Sunset WI19-116

Winter Weather Misc. WI19-63-Edit

Misc. Nevada WI19-6

Death Valley WI19-273

Death Valley WI19-151

Sedona WI19-57

Lost Dutchman SP WI19-4

Lost Dutchman SP WI19-30

Horseshoe Bend WI19-54

Alabama Hills Morning WI19-1

Alabama Hills WI19-12

Alabama Hills WI19-58

Mono Lake WI19-97

Mono Lake Morning WI19-14

Lake Siskiyou WI19-16

Lake Siskiyou WI19-98

Evening in Eureka WI19-2

Humboldt Adventures WI19-21

Humboldt Adventures WI19-104

South Humboldt SP20-62

South Humboldt SP20-103

Lost Coast Pixel Debauch SP20-59

Lost Coast Lupine Evening SP20-219

Freshwater Lupine WI19-23

Berry Summit Lupine SP20-3

Morning at Del Norte Pier SP20-7

Rainbow Chasing SP20-23

Rainbow Chasing SP20-64

Trinidad Pixel Debauch SP20-68

Del Norte Redwoods SP20-8-Edit

Del Norte Redwoods SP20-30

Del Norte Redwoods SP20-80

Lassen SP20-265-Edit

Lassen SP20-397

Lassen SP20-488

Northcoast Misc SP20-19

Sequoia Park Flower Garden SP20-45

Sequoia Park Flower Garden SP20-94

Sequoia Park Flower Garden SP20-175

Birdies SM20-106-sharpen-focus-sharpen-focus

Mid-July Birdies SM20-15-Edit

Sequoia Park SM20-3

November Morning at the Bay AU20-168

November Light Debauch AU20-74

November Light Debauch AU20-355

November Peregrinations AU20-58

APS-C Pixel Debauch AU20-101

APS-C Pixel Debauch AU20-137

Dunes & Bears that Sleep AU20-41

Dunes & Bears that Sleep AU20-54

Dunes & Bears that Sleep AU20-85

December Snow & Ice AU20-5

December Snow & Ice AU20-14

November Morning at the Bay AU20-9

November Light Debauch AU20-32

November Light Debauch AU20-47

December Peregrinations AU20-164

Dunes & Bears that Sleep AU20-306