Many Glacier

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A good number of connoisseurs of Glacier National Park regard Many Glacier as their favorite part of the park. Many Glacier is on the east side, north of St. Mary and Going-to-the-sun Road:

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The road to Many Glacier is one of the worst in the entire National Park system. Fortunately, over the next two years, the road will be undergo new construction; but this means traffic delays for those trying to get into the area.

As you enter Many Glacier, you drive along Lake Sherburne:

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Lake Sherburne is produced by a dam:

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After entering through the entrance station, you come upon a little parking area for a trailhead to Apikuni Falls:

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Within few miles you are in Many Glacier proper, where Swiftcurrent Lake is the most prominent feature:

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A good place to photograph the sunrise is looking over the bridge down Swiftcurrent Creek:

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More images from Many Glacier, concentrating on Swiftcurrent Lake:

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Many Glacier, like the entire eastern section of Glacier National Park, is generally a fairly windy area. But occasionally it’s calm enough to turn Swiftcurrent Lake into a mirror:

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