Afternoon Excursion to North Spit

Humboldt Bay SP14-5

Late on a spring afternoon I drove out to the North Spit of Humboldt Bay, taking the scenic route by going up to north end of the bay and driving the length of the spit all the way to the North Jetty, as follows:

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 7.45.18 PM

To begin with, I made a stop on the eastern side of the bay, off Highway 101, and took these shots of a field with a large rain puddle:

Humboldt Bay SP14-6

Humboldt Bay SP14-8

Then I ventured to the north end of the bay, where I snapped this shot of a barn therein:

Humboldt Bay SP14-11

From there, I drove to end of the spit, near the North Jetty, were I took a few snaps at a boat launch into the bay:

Humboldt Bay SP14-13

Humboldt Bay SP14-15

Then to this road—

Humboldt Bay SP14-20

—leading to these rocks—

Humboldt Bay SP14-17-Edit

—and this tree:

Humboldt Bay SP14-23-Edit

Then on to the North Jetty, from where I took the following snaps:

Humboldt Bay SP14-61

Humboldt Bay SP14-43

Humboldt Bay SP14-71-Edit

Humboldt Bay SP14-77-Edit

Humboldt Bay SP14-80-Edit