Zabriskie Point

Death Valley WI19-152

Zabriskie Point is the most famous place for taking photographs at Death Valley. Or at least it's the most famous place that's readily accessible. When I was there on a February morning there must have been two dozen other photographs to witness the rising of the sun. It's best photographed in softened light. If there are no clouds, it's better to photograph the area before the sun has come up, as the following two photographs, one taken in the afternoon with the sun blazing at full strength, the other taken before the sun has come up:

Death Valley WI19-249

Death Valley WI19-296

More shots of Zabriskie Point sans direct sunlight:

Death Valley WI19-298

Death Valley WI19-137

Death Valley WI19-138

Death Valley WI19-143

Death Valley WI19-147

Death Valley WI19-175

Death Valley WI19-176

Death Valley WI19-181

Death Valley WI19-213

Death Valley WI19-141