Chapel of the Holy Cross

Sedona WI19-95

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a famous structure built into the buttes of Sedona, Arizona. The chapel was commission by a local rancher, who had been inspired by the Emprie State Building. Originally, the chapel was going to be built in Budapest, Hungary with the help of Lloyd Wright, so of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. That plan was stymied by World War II, so the chapel was built locally, in Sedona, with a design by architect August K. Strotz. Here are some images of the structure, taken inside and out, starting with the view from just outside the chapel:

Sedona WI19-31

Sedona WI19-109

Sedona WI19-105

Sedona WI19-39

Sedona WI19-23

Sedona WI19-24

Sedona WI19-27

Sedona WI19-34