Lassen after Snowfall

Lassen SP19-18

Lassen Volcanic National Park constitutes the far southern end of the Cascade range. It takes over when the Sierra Nevada range ends, and continues well up into British Columbia. This is a range which features active volcanos. Everyone knows about Mount St. Helens, but Lassen had its own large scale eruption a little over a hundred years ago. The four national parks that exist within the Cascades—North Cascades NP, Mount Rainier NP, Crater Lake NP, and Lassen Volcanic NP—feature limited access in the winter due to winter snowfall. Most of Lassen Volcanic National Park is closed during the winter, with only very limited access and the north and south entrances. The north entrance is right at Manzanita Lake, which provides a beautiful reflecting body of water for Mount Lassen and the Chaos Crags. In the winter the lake can freeze over. But it’s still beautiful, especially after newly fallen snow. Here are some images taken after a brief snowstorm had passed through of the area around Manzanita Lake:

Lassen SP19-1

Lassen SP19-2

Lassen SP19-3

Lassen SP19-4

Lassen SP19-14

Lassen SP19-13

Lassen SP19-19

Lassen SP19-21

Lassen SP19-36

Lassen SP19-30

Lassen SP19-38

Lassen SP19-33