Humboldt Bay 8: North Spit

Humboldt Bay SP13-9

Following the north spit south from Manila we run into the Samoa and Fairhaven sections of this narrow piece of land:

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 8.18.52 PM

We have dunes and beach on the Pacific Ocean side of the spit, and privately owned land on Humboldt Bay side (i.e., Samoa Pulp Mill, etc.). Not a huge amount of photography opportunities in this place. But further south we find Samoa Boat Launch County Park, which features, not only the aforementioned launch, but a place for camping and a nice spot for photographing the bay:

North Jetty AU12-51

North Jetty AU12-78

North Jetty WI12-120

North Jetty AU12-263

North Jetty WI12-83

North Jetty AU12-66

North Jetty AU12-83

Across the street from boat launch is a marsh of sorts which, in winter when its flooded, can yield some interesting shots:

North Jetty WI12-59

North Jetty WI12-91

North Jetty WI12-114

North Jetty WI12-130

Further south we reach into the end of the North Spit, which terminates at the North Jetty. But I will cover that in my next post on Humboldt Bay.