Colorado Plateau Photo Odyssey 24: Mono Lake

Mono Lake SP13-255

Mono Lake was the last stop on my Colorado Plateau Odyssey. I arrived a little after three in the afternoon in Lee Vining, where I would spend the night, before leaving in the morning for home. This would give me an evening and a morning at Mono Lake. Who could ask for more?

When I arrived at the lake it was cloudy and windy, with the occasional drop of rain:

Mono Lake SP13-11

Mono Lake SP13-97

Toward evening the setting sun found a few crevices along the horizon to sneak out a few rays and put some glow the tufas:

Mono Lake SP13-186

Mono Lake SP13-86

Soon the glow brought a distinctive color to the sky:

Mono Lake SP13-79

Mono Lake SP13-87

The morning brought more clouds, but also room for the sun to shine out in the east. The colors were amazing:

Mono Lake SP13-231

Mono Lake SP13-227

Mono Lake SP13-222

Mono Lake SP13-250

Mono Lake SP13-251

Mono Lake SP13-261

Mono Lake SP13-274

Mono Lake SP13-275

Soon it was time to head home. The skies were clouding up, and I had a nine and a half hour trip home. I took one last look at the lake with the Sierras in the background:

Mono Lake SP13-297